V Mark Housing Developerrs- RERA Compliance


What is RERA Act in Tamil Nadu

As a component of the RERA strategy, the RERA Tamil Nadu Act was enacted in March 2016. The TNRERA act executes all the legislation responsibilities associated with the state’s real estate industry to increase transparency.

What Does RERA Do?

The purpose of the Tamil Nadu RERA is to promote the rights of both developers and prospective homeowners. It aims to create accountability and responsibility by increasing transparency in the real estate market. RERA has established a more beneficial setting for real estate investment all around by encouraging the efficient execution of construction projects. It has done this by standardizing real estate development and construction processes.

RERA Services for Homebuyers

RERA offers two main services for Tamil Nadu prospective homebuyers. It makes filing an online complaint against a developer simple and convenient. RERA also makes it easy for prospective homebuyers to access the records for real estate projects.You can either file a complaint under the RERA Tamil Nadu or the Adjudicating Officer. To get started with that, you must fill in the details required in the forms that are mentioned below-
Form M- It is used for filing the complaint under the real estate regulatory authority.
Form N- It is used to file the complaint with the adjudicating officer.
this URL to complaint RERA online.